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Mergers & Acquisitions


Take your business sale to the next level

Welcome to the “M&A Deconstructed” video series II. 

In this technical series we hear from experienced M&A professionals just what it takes to get a transaction across the line. Learn how to sidestep the dangers, navigate the ups and downs, and reach your ultimate goal.

What is a Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA)?

This important and binding legal document governs the relationship between buyer and seller.  We look in more detail at what it covers including: consideration, restrictive covenants, operative provisions, price adjustment mechanisms and the difference to an APA.

M&A Warranties, Representations & Indemnities

Discover the legal interpretation of these three key components of an SPA and how each commits the seller contractually.  We scope how and why to set limitations and thresholds in the process and, in case of a breach, how each can be legally enforced.

Getting Paid: Earn-Outs, Deferred Payments & Vendor Loans

Payment in M&A terms is known as “consideration”.  We explore the main types of consideration which are: Earn-Outs, Deferred Payments & Vendor Loans and what each will mean, in reality, for the seller.

What could Derail a Company Sale?  Learn how to avoid the main pitfalls

Neither party wants an aborted company sale as it is costly for both sides in both time and money invested.  Most instances are avoidable with proper preparation.  Understand the main stumbling blocks and make sure your sale stays on track.

How much does it Cost to Sell a Company?

Understand the various costs involved in selling a company and the types of support you may need to pay for.  Obtain a general rule of thumb for overall cost.  Know what to expect for your investment and the hidden costs to watch out for.

5 Insider Tips: A Successful Company Sale

Obtain real insight from a seasoned legal and advisory perspective on what makes a successful company sale.  Steele Raymond and TheNonExec list their top 5 insider tips to get your business sale across the line.

WEDNESDAY 18 MAY 2022 8:30-10am

M&A Q&A Event

Join us for this in-person breakfast event following our two part M&A Deconstructed video series at Steele Raymond in Bournemouth. 

Here you can ask questions on the company sale process, discuss best practice and understand how to get the best result from a company sale. We will also discuss current market appetite and any relevant announcements from the UK March-22 budget such as; potential changes in entrepreneur’s relief / capital gains tax etc.

To attend please register below.

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Your Team

Meet your M&A experts

Nick Davies


Steele Raymond LLP Solicitors

Nick acts for a wide range of business clients across various sectors, advising on complex corporate transactions including company sales, purchases and mergers.   

Nick also advises on on mergers, de-mergers and re-organisation.

Justin Levine


The NonExec Limited M&A Boutique

Justin leads a boutique exit advisory firm specialising in manufacturing, technology, IT, digital, healthcare, wholesale and distribution markets. With the support of a 15-strong virtual team of analysts and researchers, he helps private business owners with growth and exit strategies.

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