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Mergers & Acquisitions


Take your business sale to the next level

Welcome to the “M&A Deconstructed” video series. 

It forms the first of a two-part video series where you will hear from experienced M&A professionals discussing just what it takes to get a transaction across the line. Learn how to sidestep the dangers, navigate the ups and downs, and reach your ultimate goal.

Introducing the M&A Series

The mini-series of insider conversations is designed to inform and educate. These videos are intended for the first time seller and aim to explore in detail the company sale process and to debunk some of the terminology.

What is EBITDA?

During the mergers and acquisitions process EBITDA will inevitably be considered. We take a closer look at the EBITDA and what it means in the M&A process.

What are Heads of Terms?

We look in more detail at why Heads of Terms are considered to be one of the most important commercial documents for any business merger or acquisition. But what needs to be in it?

Equity Share vs Asset Sale?

There are various ways in which a transaction that can be structured. We take a look at the distinction and differences between a equity/share sale versus an asset or business sale.

Completion Accounts vs Locked Box?

A Locked Box Mechanism is becoming more popular in the M&A process. But what is the difference compared to Completion Accounts? We consider the advantages and disadvantages of each.

What is Due Diligence?

The level of examination involved in the due diligence process can be intense. We take a look at what the due diligence phase means in the buying process and how sellers can prepare.


M&A Deconstructed II

The second part of our M&A Deconstructed video series is now available to watch.
In this more technical series we cover:

  1. What is a Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA)?
  2. M&A Warranties, Representations & Indemnities
  3. Getting Paid: Earn-Outs, Deferred Payments & Vendor Loans
  4. What could Derail a Company Sale?
  5. How much does it Cost to Sell a Company?
  6. 5 Insider Tips for a Successful Company Sale

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Meet your M&A experts

Nick Davies


Steele Raymond LLP Solicitors

Nick acts for a wide range of business clients across various sectors, advising on complex corporate transactions including company sales, purchases and mergers.   

Nick also advises on on mergers, de-mergers and re-organisation.

Justin Levine


The NonExec Limited M&A Boutique

Justin leads a boutique exit advisory firm specialising in manufacturing, technology, IT, digital, healthcare, wholesale and distribution markets. With the support of a 15-strong virtual team of analysts and researchers, he helps private business owners with growth and exit strategies.

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